step forward

You wield your knife, carving tenderness out of stone. Setting ablaze the excess and igniting softness. The glowing embers of potency and purpose glimmer in a bed of lava. 

You no longer exist in a vacuum. Drinking cup after cup of caffeine, hoping your brain suddenly comes up with the answers in the constriction of isolation. 

The thread of your calling expands into the collective. Your thoughts stem from infinite sources of divine creativity. Your power calls people into your world. Your energy creates a new circle. 

One that can never be broken by the bounds of what used to be your reality.

The fire of transformation touches too much now. 

The contraction is burned to ashes beneath your feet. 

For you are the rebel.

The one who uses her power to alchemize isolation into inspiration. Solitary into solidarity. Collecting wisdom into collective wisdom. Confined commerce into communion. 

The words spill from your lips then dissolve into the air. 

Finally, the tight muscles that were conditioned to grip start their release. And with it comes tears, breath, space, and laughter. 

I can do it all by myself. Maybe next week/month/year things will change.

One by one, you pull the stones from your backpack. 

They tumble down with a weighted thump. 

Matching the anticipation that flows through each artery.

You're one of us now.

Hold the gaze. Don’t look away.

Join Us

A Mastermind of Business + Being

She rises from the ashes. Creates the collective by candlelight.

You’ve entered a new phase. One where ‘faking it’ doesn’t cut it anymore. 

You’re ready to BE in your business and your boldness. 

Holding full responsibility. Softening into blossoming success. Holding your own wand to the candle. Setting the fire of your legacy.

You’ve walked the path of your business alone. 

You’ve peered into the windows of communities, never knowing when to leap into one. 

You’ve tried to be in the rooms of business owners, but always miss the mystics who alchemize success instead of chasing it. 

You’ve flatlined in places where you know expansion is bubbling underneath the thick surface. 

You’ve felt the dichotomy between experience and confusion as you navigate your craft and your ability to conjure a vibrant living from it.

You’ve toyed with showing up and hiding away depending on the day. 

You’ve blazed in your own world for far too long. Until the fire got too bright and the rest could never come. 

You’ve been eyeing your power for years, wondering when the right time to fully step in is. 

You’ve been existing in a ‘good’ business, secretly wishing for seismic shifts. 

Mystic beauty, you’ve done all you can with your own two feet


Show up as her. Always. Create the ripples that will vibrate through every community you touch.

  • See the collective energy that is generated when you walk hand in hand instead of alone 
  • Tap into your strong, knowing, wise persona to share and amplify her
  • Transmute solopreneurship into conscious communion 
  • Relentlessly pursue depth, devotion, and dharma through your scared work 
  • Call in connection to link your gifts to longevity 
  • Mature your business from Instagram to infinite impact 
  • Dedicate yourself to something beyond what’s right in front of you 
  • Alchemize your business into being 

Surround yourself with established mystics in business and: 

From soft glows to quaking roars, Fire of Transformation metamorphosizes every aspect of your business and Being.

Trustfall. And watch every ember fall into harmony.

Calibrated by the highest frequency of experienced mystics in business. 

Held in an intimate container.

6 months.

The profound expansion and evolution of business and
being. A mastermind that utilizes business as the ritual and metaphor for growing our very being.


Excavating your purpose to create lasting change within the realm of your spiritual citizenship– all with the vision of weaving your purpose into the world.

Going Beyond Us

Calibrating to your CEO state, results, and revenues. To compound the momentum into the flaming zones of new territory.

Energetic Mastery

Being the CEO and fully integrating her into your being, magic, brilliance, and leadership. Ready to sustain her for years to come.


Creating a repeatable and sustainable strategy for your offerings, client retention, aligned marketing, PR, transformations, and sales. 

Long-Term Strategy

our pillars

The embers that stoke our 6-month fire

  • You know that fully integrating business with your mystical being is key to your evolution

  • You hold integrity and agency as your guiding light through self-transformation 

  • You’ve tried short-term fixes and truly feel ready to tap into the contagious commitment of your next iteration and sacred ‘why’
  • You’ve got the business basics down and are ready to step away from the feast and famine and into the post-Instagram, legacy portion of your business 

  • You thrive in an intimate, potent community of mystics and experts like you. You feel hugged by the warmth of collective sharing and growth
  • You’re an established spiritual business owner who is hovering around $5K - $10K months and want to move from month-to-month sales to a sustainable business

  • Your business goes far beyond money, and into the territory of an impactful life and embodiment in your being

The Fire of Transformation is for you if: 

The fire is burning. Here’s who is sitting around it. 

Erica Rascon

Erica raised her private and corporate rates; her clients cheered her on; and in doing so she created evidence for herself to hold herself and her business in high regard and sovereignty

Natalie invested in an OBM, nurtured her nervous system in the investment process, and delegated the endless busy work to free up time to activate her greater business vision

Paola raised her rates and made her first hire after 10 years as her own firm while serving as a sacred voice advocate in the Seen + Unseen realms

Abigail dropped her side gig within two weeks and went on to sell out her launch via refined strategy, mindset and energetic mastery that continues to fuel her fire

Jessica Calderon

“This Fire of Transformation mastermind is literally making me think, how the fuck have I been operating and surviving in my business before this?! I see that the business I want can be a possibility not five years down the line; it’s a possibility NOW, in six months, in a year. So so so so grateful for this circle of business and being.”

Imagine six months stoking celebrations like these:

Sharing Stories

“I brought in an additional $2K/week — and it’s not just about the money, it’s showing me that it’s doable. Which is huge for my business and my being!”

"It is my honor to not be one of those people playing dress up; to dive into my work knowing its potency and share it with others and of course demonstrate it in my own life."


approach the fire

Step in, mystic beauty. I’m here to share my story to catalyze our collective growth together around the fire.

I have over 20 years of experience in the business world, working in PR, marketing, sales, the art industry, and nonprofits. 

And 12+ years of experience, studying and teaching yoga, spirituality, wellness, and mentorship (before online coaching was cool ;)) 

I live my 6-figure business, leading every day with integrity and heart. 

I’m a priestess initiated in Peru, sought-after spiritual CEO, and leading international yoga teacher. 

I hold the confidence, depth diving and proven frameworks to hold you through the powerful roar of flames approaching your inevitable transformation. 

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

It’s not endless isolation as a siloed solopreneur anymore. It’s coming home to your sacred work in circle of fellow Self-led CEOs. 

Your business is your ritual. A direct integration with your being. How you show up for her is how you show up for you. Gifting her with consistency. Creating space for her expansion. Softening into the obstacles until they weld together into ease. 

It's not work or life.
It's business and being.

Apply Now

Investment: $9597 or 7 monthly payments of $1375

A recent expert consultant panel includes Gina Knox, Money Coach for Entrepreneurs; Rachael Mattice, Marketing Agency + Social Media Management founder; Michelle Corp, Astrology for Business Alignment.
  • Monthly 1:1 sessions with Elizabeth
  • An intentionally curated, collaborative circle of experienced mystics in business
  • Rolling Voxer chats with topic-specific channels so all thoughts can be shared
  • Life-changing relationships and the co-commitment of sacred circle
  • All public workshops and masterclasses offered during the 6-month transformational period
  • 6 months inside the sacred cauldron of catalyzed integration
  • 2x monthly pillar-based themed mastermind calls
  • 2x monthly office hours for check-ins, Q&A and refinement in real time
  • Recurring expert consultants teaching + coaching on entrepreneurship-specific needs

by joining the fire of transformation mastermind, you will receive:

Enter the Fire

When most masterminds want you to blindly acquire wealth in any way possible, I invite you to open your eyes and create a living in a way that truly feels like living.